Difference Between PHP,Java & .Net

How PHP ,Java & .Net differ with each other…and What are there features ?

This is a very vague question.
You might start by asking Google, then come back if you have something specific.


This question about PHP, Java (which might be intended to be JavaScript) and .NET may be better answered from a more theoretical standpoint.

For me, the main difference comes from $$$/hr…yeah… I code for living so mind as well picking the biggest $$$/hr

This is what I think so far.

  1. Java
  2. .NET
  3. PHP

Probably, Java and .NET is pretty close in pay but since there are more demands in Java… I’ll assume Java gets paid better. For PHP, it doesn’t seem lucrative but one can get a job with a college degree and it’s a lot better then working at retailers. I know this is going to sound stupid but I just following where $$$ is…regardless how one is better or not. Honestly, the quality of the code comes from a programmer and not from the language. If one truly thinks an app is better because it’s written in a specific language is probably not a bright person or just a fanboy of that language.

I think the biggest difference is the size of the company you are likely to work for.

.NET is mainly used by the bigger companies, Java (more specifically JSP) is used by medium sized companies, and PHP is used by smaller companies. There are exceptions but that is generally the choice that they make.