Difference between .net and .com?

Hi all…

So, I have a site up Im working on for a project and the package I bought comes with a .com and a .net domain name so I put the site up on both so I can edit one and have variations for my classwork. Here is whats odd. I loaded both sites with the EXACT same files and if you go to the .net youll see a variation in spacing than on the .com one. Wondering if someone can take a look? I googled it but cant find anything relevant.



They are not the exact same files being served. The “net” site has a misplaced script tag.


</html><script language='javascript' src='https://a12.alphagodaddy.com/hosting_ads/gd01.js'></script>

Come to find out its because its hosted for free on godaddy and that script gets added in after I upload. No worries… just happy it wasn’t somethin I was doing! At least we all know now if u host for free on godaddy that will happen