Difference between hits and visits

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what is the Difference between hits and visits ?


Hits includes both visits and pings to your website but visit only is when some one goes to your website ( a real person )

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That’s pretty much it. Usually it’s phrased as “unique visitors” - it estimates the number of different people who have visited your site, regardless of how many times each of them did so.

So if your unique visitor number is close to your total number of visits, you’ve got a lot of people coming to your site just once - if the total number of visits is much higher than the unique visitors, people are coming back to your site a second time, a third time and more.

visit: Someone comes to your site and looks around a bit. They may go to one page, or they may go to 100 pages, but their still only counted visiting once.

Hit: How many physical resources were requested from the server by that visit. Pages are made up of many items (images, text, animation etc). Each of those is a hit…

  1. One hit is the one HTTP request to your website. Figures hit (usually) will be greater than the number of files requested, because the request is a resume and a failure (response code 404, 302, 500, etc.) will be recorded.

  2. Visits are defined as a request by the client with an IP address and browser the same span of time within 30 minutes. For example, a visitor accesses a page in minutes first, then the other pages in minute 20, and another page again in the 40th minute. And the third request (hit) is considered one the same visit because everything happens in a span of under 30 minutes. But if a visitor accessing a page in minutes first, then the new access again in minute 35, then the second hit will be considered two different visit.

Unique visitors is the least accurate of the stats mentioned so far since there is no way to actually identify a unique visitor. Basically it is little more than a guess at how many of your visitors are visiting for the first time based on the IP addresses.

If you get 10,000 visitors all of whom access your site from work and they all work for the same company then chances are that will be listed as one unique visitor.

If you have one person using an ISP who changes their IP address every few hours and they visit 100 times from different IP addresses the chances are that person will be listed as 100 unique visitors.

1000 people visit your site 10000 times.

1000 unique visitors, 10000 total visits.

If you have two web pages each of which consists of 10 files then one person visiting the two pages gives you 20 hits and two page views for their one visit.

Since it is impossible to accurately distinguish diifferent visitors (since one person can use multiple IP addresses and hundreds of people can use one IP address) the visit count is always an estimate while the hit and pageview counts are more accurate (although even they don’t include cached files that therefore don’t need to be downloaded from your server).

Hit - it is recorded every time a web browser requests a file from your web server.

Visits- it is recorded every time someone looks at a page on your site despite of how many files have to be downloaded as part of that process.

Ok, another question… What is the difference between visit and unique visit… :slight_smile:

Does the “visits” are regular/returning visitors, while “unique visits” are first time visitors? This is my thinking and I’m not really sure if I am right…


Number of hits on a website refer to how many times different files on your site were accessed whereas number of visits are the number of times that a person visits your site and is an accurate measure of how many people visited your site over a period of time.

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