Difference Between Domain Mapping and 301 Redirect

I have built a small site on a host that offers domain mapping but no set up for 301 redirect. I’m used to a host that has cPanel and can manage setting up 301 redirects there and can use .htaccess (although very basic stuff).

So what’s the difference between domain mapping and a 301 redirect?




It’s all in the context as I don’t know what your host means by domain mapping. To me, that would be a function of your DNS setup where the account’s main domain is your account’s DocumentRoot and all the “addon” domains are in subdirectories of your main domain (but, addressed by their domain, use the subdirectory as their DocumentRoots).

Why would a 301 be required for that?

With that question, I guess that I’ve admitted that I don’t understand your question so please reformulate so I can get my head around your problem. Thanks!




Thanks for having a go at helping me. I have been back to the host and I can’t find what I was looking for there. Anyhow, they have an easy set up for redirecting one domain to another and that’s sorted.

I guess “mapping” must have a techincal meaning that I don’t understand.

Still, I’m sorted and am grateful for your interest.