Difference b/w png8 and png24?

What is the difference between png8 and png24? png24 saves a larger file but its results are better than png8 or gif.
png8 and gif save a pixelated picture. why is that?

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The main difference is that a 8-bit PNG comprises a max. of 256 colours, like GIFs. PNG-24 is a lossless format and can contain up to 16 million colours.

What kind of image is it you are wanting to format? You may want to look into using the JPEG format instead, if the details and information within your image are too great to be adequately translated with only 256 colours. The advantage of using JPEG as opposed to PNG-24 for rich images is that you can easily reduce the quality.

Actually my images contain a lot of gradients, from color to transparent. doesnt saving in jpeg spoil the transparent part of the image?

If your background is using transparency, then yes, JPEGs are out.

then i must use png24. so be it. :slight_smile:

that’s a good link ScallioXTX. thanx

Not only does JPEG destory transparancy, it’s pretty terrible at gradients as well.

So now you have two reasons to use PNG24 instead of JPEG :slight_smile:

There is no question that the PNG format outclasses JPG in nearly every respect and you should veer away from saving masters in JPG anyway.

Though what are you intending to do with the final images, i.e. are they to be displayed online and Web optimised?

Although I love the PNG format (see post #28 http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4519259#post4519259 ) PNG-24 or PNG-32 is not always appropriate for web due to file-size, etc.

If you are just saving masters with over 256 colours (or for the masters themselves) then do go for PNG-24 or 32 over the lossy JPG.