Differece Between Machine Type i686 and i386

I am very much eager to know the difference between the Machine type i386 and i686?
and what are the main purposes of them?

One is a computer built in about 1988 and the other is one built in about 1998 (assuming you are talking about processing chip identifiers).

What is the main reason you are asking here about that? What are you going to do?

I have seen somewhere sometimes notifying that the OS for i386 machine type or else i686 machine type.
Also the machine type has been given in the left side of the cpanel. In web hosting what is the purpose of i386 and i686?

i386 and i686 are both part of the x86 family of processors. They just refer to the specific age of the processor platform. i386 is an older platform (early 90s?) used back when 386 processors were used in machines. Then this was upgraded to 486 processors, which was the same basic instruction set as 386 just faster and newer. 586 was another upgraded and was when the term Pentium started floating around. Eventually all of these got encapsulated into the x86 architecture name. i686 just refers to the 6th generation of x86 architecture.

For all intents and purposes i386 and i686 are the same thing, just that i686 is a lot newer. They will have some additional instruction sets, but will be backwards compatible with i386. I would venture a guess that all of the processes you find today that use x86 would be classified as i686 processors.

x86 refers to a processor family. x86_64 is different than x86 (it is the 64 bit brother of x86). There are also Alpha processors, Sparc, ARM, PPC. These all refer to different processor families.

If you are installing an OS and a CPU is from the x86_64 processor family, then you cannot install an ARM based OS on that hardware.

Thank you sparek

What it has got to do with when it was built? Talk to the point. I am also eager to know the difference between them.

To simplify it, i386 is the based on the Intel X86 and naturally from it goes i486, i586 (Pentium and AMD K6) and then i686 (Pentium 2). Now, a i686 can run both i386 and i686, but its better to run i686. as it’s optimized for that platform.

I686: A i686 run i386 and i686 but i686 give the better performance for both. I386 is for old CPU generation and before Pentium generation. I686 it is a Pentium generation. Application for i686 taking pictures and movies from a web cam.

I386: it is based on Intel X86. It goes i486, i586 and then i686. I386 is for old CPU generation and before Pentium generation. It is CMOS type camera to transfer video data over the internet without any pc.

Intel released the following processors on the dates shown

June 8, 1978 - 8086
February 1982 - 80286
October 17, 1985 - Intel386™ DX Processor <- this was the first i386
June 16, 1988 - Intel386™ SX Processor
April 10, 1989 - Intel486™ DX Processor
March 22, 1993 - Intel® Pentium® Processor <- sometimes referred to as i586
November 1, 1995 - Intel® Pentium® Pro Processor
May 7, 1997 - Intel® Pentium® II Processor <- I think this was the first of the i686
February 26, 1999 - Intel® Pentium® III Processor

see http://www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/quickrefyr.htm for a complete list of all the Intel processors
November 20, 2000 - Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor