Did you ever realize your charged too high a price for a website?

Have you ever realized you charged too high a price for designing a website? If so, how did you fix this ethical dilemma?

There is no such thing.

Business is not about the prices you charge. It is a matter of

  • Expectations (Setting and Exceeding)
  • Perception
  • Personal Integrity

If the client has agreed to (and/or paid) the price you charged then it is not too hight

Wow! That’s powerful! Tell me more!!! I love it!
Expectations (Setting and Exceeding)
Personal Integrity

You pay according to what you want of your website. The more requirements come with the higher prices. I am about to change my website, the budget is also one of my concern. I want my website professionally and beautifully made, but also with a reasonable price, thus I am looking for the best cost performance for my website.

Not really. I usually know the exact worth of my website depending on the amount of work that i have put in it.

There is no price to high, just clients that don’t want to pay it. Honestly just look around, if you contacted 20 designers with the same specifications, you would get 20 different quotes. And I’m pretty sure the ranges would be all over the place.

You should not ask for a higher price that your competitor is asking at a lower price.

I agree with Doni. And at the end of the day, it’s up to the designer to decide the value of their time and work.