Did Social Bookmarking and Blog Commenting

Hi all,

I did Social Bookmarking and Blog Commenting to improve rank for a keyword phrase, I jumped from position 27 to position 10.

Any ideas on what to try next?

headslap HOW could I forget those.

raena, you forgot the most important feature of web 2.0 sites – rounded corners and pastel colours!!!

I’m not sure that you’re clear on what the term means.

Web 2.0 can mean:

  • new techniques, like decent JavaScript
  • a more social focus, such as interactivity and community
  • the idea of the Web as a platform for lots of stuff (not just browsing pages)

Some websites that are touted as being great examples of the web 2.0 ethos are Twitter, Digg, Flickr, Youtube, and the like.

It has really not a lot to do with whether it’s static or dynamic; also, there are no “backlink tags”.

forums posting, link building and article submission. These will help you.

Web 2.0 websites are dynamic and in general have tags that end up giving you multiple backlinks, I think that’s the advantage. I would take a link on a static webpage over a web 2.0 one any day though.

Just curious as to how you went about bookmarking? Did you create multiple accounts with the same services?

Web 2.0 pages? What makes you think that anything you label as a “web2.0” page is any better than any other page?

Simple not true - the age of of BACKLINKs from a trusted domain is still considered a factor, but domain/site age has nothing to do with ranking. I can show you more sites less than a year old that out rank 10 year old sites…

Top 10 lists are good, interviewing experts in your industry is another way, and just posting good strong content. Also the older your website is, the better it’ll do in the search engines.

do them all - there is enough articles, blog entries, blog comments, forum comments, press releases, directories, ads, and social bookmarking sites to keep you busy forever. Balance is the key - not just one way.

I would suggest you be persistent in what you are doing and in addition to article submission create some web2.0 properties with a link back to your website. Remember to create these web2.0 pages with your targeted keywords and with unique articles. Later you can bookmark and ping them!

Yes getting links from article directories are really important and helpful. Also you can submit site in some high PR link directories. Getting links from other sites with the help of Link Exchange is also a good thing.