Did I do something wrong?

I got a website which has a pretty old domain, I been doing some SEO for it for a while now but still I got a PageRank of 0. How can I know if Google is hammering my website for some issues?

PageRank is not the main thing to be looking at. How does the site go in keyword searches?

I don’t think it scores well. The website is <snip>

Backlinks is what gives your website a high PR, lots of good quality backlinks and time.

PR is not a great indicator of how your site is doing, it’s nice tho :slight_smile: Sites with lower PR do better than sites with higher PR in SERPS a lot of the time.

Hi, page rank determine the uniqueness and quality of the site.

I think you need to write quality content and improve your SEO strategy.

The domain may be old, but the site seems to have just launched? Nothing even in archive.org yet -


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boobymonster’s original question can be answered without a link to the site.[/FONT]

there are relavance with any doamin… or any doamin age or doamin name… you have to just follow bliendly google rules & regulation…
page rank doen’t matter for the ranking.
if you are looking for rank & page rank is problem… then just go to google.com & find out any [ keyword ] & check first 10 result… you will get so much up & down in top ten ranking…

so just do work build quality link build & all the best for the ranking.

What do you mean by “hammered”?

If I get a lower ranking for some violations.

Beyond contacting magazine owners what would be another way to improve rankings?

[FONT=Verdana]As has already been mentioned, PageRank is purely related to the number of backlinks you have. For more details, try this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank

Are you also saying that your site does not rank well in search engine results? If so, this is a separate issue. The most important thing, if you want your site to rank well, is to have good quality, original content. Without that, you’ll get nowhere. How long has your site been on-line?[/FONT]

It has been online for 5 months or so now. I have original content, everything that is posted on there is written just for the website and nothing is copied from anywhere else.

[FONT=Verdana]Google only releases an update to its publicly-visible PageRank results every few months, and it may be well out-of-date by the time it’s released, so expecting to see a change so soon is a little unrealistic.

You have still not said whether PageRank is your only concern, or whether you are also worried about your SERPs.[/FONT]

Well I thought that PageRank and SERP were connected. I am interested in the site ranking well for certain keywords.

Pagerank has got little to do with serp ranking. My homepage has pr 1, but most of my pages that come #1 have pr 0.

At times I measured the time it takes for a new post to show up on Google search to find out if the site is being recognized as a good source. The Page Rank later reflects this but it may take some time. Best thing to do is when you post new content, check google search to see if it has indexed it. If it takes a long time (hours) then you may be getting hammered. If it takes minutes to an hour, then you are in good standing.

The time between uploading and indexing has more to do with how often you add content, than with the quality of it, let alone the page rank. When I have time to add content every day, it gets indexed in a matter of hours. When I am too busy and I add once a month, it can take a couple of weeks before the new uploads get indexed.
There is some sort of relation between quality of the content, pr, and inded time, but one does not have specific or quantifiable influence on the other.

How can I improve my SERP rankings?

This is basically the topic of thousands of web pages and books on SEO. Here is a good starting point for getting an overview of what’s involved: