Diary of a programmer with no clue about marketing

We get a lot of the typical SEO spammer types on here, so I thought it’d be cool to post a link to something I found on Hacker News earlier, highlighting how difficult it is to market a web product.

A lot of people on here assume that a bit of spam here and there in the guise of SEO is going to get them success because one out of a million has managed to build success purely through a good Google rank. However, this person highlights just how difficult it is to market a product or a website.

An interesting article but I can see where he went wrong - he didn’t spam multiple forums that do not have anything to do with the product.

( A sarcastic comment for all the spammers who spam forums - in case they think I am serious! )

I suppose the same thing goes for websites; people build or pay for a website to be built and wonder why they are not getting streams of visitors visiting the site after a few days.

Ironically speaking, spamming could have helped him much more than his white hat techniques that requires years of public relations.

Thanks for the nice article.

It takes usually years to promote a new app or a website. That snowball effect rarely happens without having a stunning A+ product that is highly needed in the market.

Generally speaking, if his app was decent enough, he could have gathered more fame than that.

11 sales in 8 days for a new product that nobody has heard before with a $0 marketing budget? Honestly, he’s doing much better than I would expect.

Yep, any sort of marketing takes time. A week doesn’t do much. A month or more? He might gain a little traction.

The problem these days is that there is so much noise on the web. You really have to be able to present something unique that people are really looking for.

Glancing at the guy’s product website, I’m not quite sure what it does or what problem it’s supposed to solve.

He didn’t mention the most important point: Was the product something that people genuinely wanted? And was it available at a price people were willing to pay? In other words, was there a market for it?

Unless he gets that right, all the blog reviews, tweets and promo codes in the world won’t sell the product.