Diagonal Lines in Photoshop?

Hello everyone,
I see alot of sites with diagnol lines in the background of the site, is there some filter or blending option in photoshop that does this?


You can create custom filters. Just create a 10px by 10px image, do a slanted line, clicK “Create Filter From Image”, and then you can use it throughout your designing.

  1. Create a seamless pattern of diagonal lines (black or white, transparent background) - use any method You prefer (1x1 pixel selection + filling for example).
    Then select “Edit/Define Pattern”
  2. Create a new layer and fill it (or selection) with Your new pattern.
  3. Change transparency and/or blending mode. Sometimes “Normal” is OK, sometimes “Overlay” or any other - this must be tried out for specific background.
    Transparency - usually 10%-30%, but again - depends on the background image.

NO. There are no filters. Create a 3 by 50 px canvas. Select the single line marque (vertical) and click in the middle of your canvas and fill it with any color. Click on Edit > Define Pattern, Name it. You now have a vertical line pattern to fill any time you want.

Yes its not diagnal. Once you fill your canvas (50*50px) for your background by selecting Edit>Fill: Pattern [Select your pattern].

Press CTRL+T and hold the shift key down and rotate the stripes. Remember to fill it in a new layer as you will not be able to rotate the background color and you can also use the background layer for a bg color. Select the Stripes layer and lock it and then select a color and press ALT+DEL to fill the stripes with the foreground color.

Ok, download my [B]Diagonal Line Pattern[/B] and use it.
It’s black, but You’ll have no problem with inverting it to white.


Is their a way to get a thicker line say 7 pixels wide without distorting the pattern?

Sure. You can either define new pattern using similar method as described above, or resize the layer with the thin lines (but remember to switch interpolation method to “Nearest neighbour”) by an even factor (200%, 300%, 700% etc).