Development on your spare time

This question is for those of you with full time employment (40+ hours a week). How much time do you spend on top of your normal work week working on personal projects, learning new skills, etc. This doesn’t just need to be web development, perhaps game development, wood working? Anything really that might still be called “work”.

I personally try to spend 10-20 hours a week, though with 2 young kids, it is more like 5 hours a week.

It always seems personal projects get kicked in the back burner. Though, I am constantly looking at web dev articles as they are a good distractor :).

To little lately. There was a time a couple years ago I was constantly learning new things outside of work. However, my motivation seems to have deteriorated in that regard. I’ve been spending way more time trying to get my mind off work than anything else and it has been going well. Though I have been spending a few hours for the last couple of weeks learning ruby and rails. Though unless I actually get to use it at work that will probably just go astray eventually as well. That isn’t to say I don’t learn new things. I mean I’m constantly learning new things just not outside of work as much as I us to. I recall a time where I would come home from work and spend the rest of the night working diligently on some personal projects. Man how things have changed. I’m glad though because I’m much happier, relaxed and focused at work now that I’m not thinking about personal projects that no one cares about anyway. I mean once you have been in this game a while it seems inevitable that spending 40+ hours working than coming home and doing more is just not really fun or way to live your life. Maybe that is just me…


I suppose I’m a little opposite as I’ve unfortunately reached a point where I’m longing to get back in to more of a development role, though I suppose this makes perfect sense if you already have that :smiley:

I’m not even aware of the time I spend on work - have a lot of different projects. Besides that I have a family and a little child so I don’t know how much I have free time actually))

Now a days people spend more time before computer because after working hours every one use social media like Facebook etc, my grand mom spend 7 to 9 hours with social media at computer. Its good for old people to spend their free time.