Developing WordPress Template using Zurb Foundation

I’m trying to PM (manage) the development of 3 WordPress projects over the next few weeks. What’s been shocking to me is that as large as the WordPress development community is, It seems difficult if not nearly impossible to find truly knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience at developing responsive websites and templates using the Foundation framework.

I mean everywhere we’ve turned from forums to job boards there seems to be a ton of people familiar with various methods of “Botstraping” these kind of projects, yet non or few who are truly foundations framework proficient.

I’m trying not to do this project on my own if it can be avoided, but it’s quite frustrating if not even depressing to see that even with what I consider to be clear and overwhelmingly advantages of Foundation that majority of the development community still choose to not even look at anything other than Bootstrap.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I alone here?


i have, am using bootstrap for some of my projects. frankly it seems a bit better than foundation to me.
But also, depending on what you wish to accomplish you may not need either?
the new 2014 theme can be child/customized and it is responsive.