Developing Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile


I want to learn mobile app development but I find the learning curve of objective C is pretty high.

I come from a JS background and I found jQuery Mobile to be pretty cool. So I was wondering if jQuery Mobile can be used to develop Applications that are being developed in Objective C or java (for android phones)?

What will I be limited to if I use jQuery Mobile for developing iPhone and Andriod apps?

Thanks for any inputs.

Sencha Touch 2 is a very powerful, robust, MVC JavaScript framework optimized for contemporary mobile devices that supplies native iphone and android packing utilities. If your goal is build mobile applications using something you already know such as JavaScript than Sencha Touch 2 is it, forget jQuery mobile.the purpose of jQuery mobile is to take an existing desktop site and convert it to be “mobile friendly” in very little work. All it really does is restyles things in a generic form and add AJAX page loading. It is in no way ideal. So if you don’t already have an existing desktop site which your trying to convert on a low budget, stay away from it. From my experience jQuery mobile is buggy and craps out frequently better to go with a more robust and flexible solution if a desktop site does not already exist or the goal is build a web site that functions like a native application using web technologies.

So, can Sencha Touch be used as a replacement for Objective C?

Its not a replacement. The idea is that you a build a website that functions like a mobile application. Once the application is built it can be deployed as a native application using the supplied native packaging tools. It is not a replacement for Objective C or Java considering the utility will take the JavaScript that has been written and convert it Objective-C or Java. Besides writing the Objective-C or java yourself I think it is one of the best solutions available to web developers in the market in terms of building native mobile applications using web technologies. Than of course there is the argument for responsive design… which is another topic.

I’m with oddz on the vote for sencha touch 2. In version one it was fairly clunky on android but the latest version is much improved. I’ve given up on appcelerator titanium for the time being (too many bugs). You can also use st2 with phonegap to package.