Developing HTML and CSS in the Browser

I’ve been hearing of people who develop their sites within the browser, what does this mean exactly, using tools like Firebug to build their site, thus working directly in the browser?

Maybe one day. These days is about debugging and tinkering for me with dev tolls in UAs. I like Firebug best, but Dragonfly is pretty good too. Dev tools in Webkit and Trident work nice too for debugging.

But, one thing I’ve learned the other day, sometimes you will have to just look at the source code with the text editor of your choice. These tools have limitations and bugs that may lead to wrong conclusions, however rarely this may happen:

Don’t think though that I would go back and make do w/o these dev tools. They are invaluable in 99% of the cases. :slight_smile:

Firebug let’s you live edit the code and even save it. It’s on the right track. Just not there yet, as far as the topic is concerned.