Developing Android Applications With Processing

If you want to develop an Android application without creating an Eclipse project, consider using “Processing”. You can The tool can be downloaded from here. Then you can start creating sketches to be run as HTML5 canvases, Java applets, Android application (if the Android mode is installed, otherwise you can install it from the GUI).

In the following image you can see a list of modes next to the mode button (currently, Android).

In Android mode, when you run the sketch, Processing will create a class extending class PApplet from the files with extension ‘.pde’. Papplet extends class Activity, so you can extend it with methods and event handlers of the Activity class.
A wonderful Wiki about Processing-Android can be found here.
In Linux, the android application files and directories will be created in the ‘/tmp’ directory. And the ‘.apk’ file will be found in '/tmp/android…/bin
They will be deleted upon logout.

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