Develop Program in need logic

i want to develop this type of Program.

Credit card verification for user by adding 2 different amount in ration of 10$

like 5$ + 5$ or 6$ + 4$

you can see the perfect example on ODESK site.

i want to develop that type of functionality for verify for real user.

also what is the logic behind 2 different amount?

i am very confused about this.

may be you devide by percentage of the total for each; or something like that.

but how can i connect with credit card and my bank?

You probably need to use a sevice which offers a transaction baed structure.
For example secure hosting, Paypal, google checkout. Whcih you pass values too.

You can make credit / debit card transactions though a secure system as hosting yourself could cause security issues. Also look in to SSL certificates.