Hey .NET’ers,

Geez, I can hear crickets chirping in here. Anyways, if some of you have time on your busy schedule and have some $$$, MS Dev Connections is starting soon. With that, the release of most of MS’s tools. Here is the link:

If you guys could make it, I envy you! A little pricey for me right now, maybe next year. :slight_smile:

Happy Weekend.

I would love to go to. But I agree. Way to pricey. Especially for me form SA. Our currency sucks and plane tickets are way to expensive. Would be awsome tho, im sure.

An I agree. The forum has been rather quite lately. Strange. lol

There are usually local user groups in most cities that run monthly free events, have a search. If there are none, start your own. I’ve done that here in Glasgow and Edinburgh :smiley:

Thats interesting. I will do that and see what I find. Otherwise, hosting my own event… hmmm. Maybe in the future, sounds like a good idea

Glasgow and Edinburgh?? Never heard of it, I’m in Aberdeen. Maybe you’ll let me know the next time you’re having one :stuck_out_tongue:

@chieftain: and

And have you heard of:

They give you stuff at the big conventions though, right?

@dhtmlgod, Really good stuff! Never knew there were events locally, although the DDD is fully booked :frowning:

@chieftain Book a spot anyway, there are usually a good few drop outs. And ping me a PM and I’ll see what I can do if you don’t get a spot nearer the time.

Usually yeah. If I was going to pay to go to one ( which I can never seem to afford to do :frowning: ) I’ld go to NDC

Although, I’m gonna submit a talk next year and hopefully get paid to go :smiley: