Detect Website Malware - AVG Safe Search & McAfee SiteAdvisor NOT Good Enough

Do you know of any tools that scan websites for malware in REAL TIME before you click on a search result? Tools like AVG Safe Search & McAfee SiteAdvisor rely on users to report attacks but don’t scan the websites in real time, after you perform a search.

What tools scan websites for malware in real time before you click on the link?

AVG scans ahead from search engines. I don’t know about from other sites as I browse. I find it annoying because when I do a search the browser bogs and hangs so its usually turned off. You’d have a hard time convincing me its not doing that, I can see the AVG users by the IE-6 page request before a real browsers request the page with a refer back to Google. Have to filter the IE-6 fakes out to keep the statistics clean.
Spy-bot search and destroy has a resident shield I find useful. If any malware blasts through, it alerts you there are changes being made and you can click on NO (remember answer) and it will keep them out of your system. But I don’t recommend it if you’re not familiar with how/what runs on your computer as one can deny a necessary change while software us updating in background

AVG’s results are only based on user feedback. It doesn’t scan the actual website’s files for malware. I agree, the lag does make it kind of annoying. But I need something that can scan websites in real time for a project.

Also rated, but it claims signature scans. I think ratings add to the scan to prevent false positives/negatives? But its hard to read through marketing jibberish to know whats actually happening