Detailed List of Online Monetary Transactions Providers

This site is an online magazine devoted to the Internet economy. E-commerce is among the subject
headings and it provides a list of links to various electronic payment systems.
A list of links to various electronic payment systems is provided at this site.
This site provides Internet economic data. It is intended for people interested in learning about the
Internet economy.
The Open Financial Exchange (OFX)Web site.

Credit–Card Payment
CyberCash enables e-merchants to accept credit-card payments online. The company also offer an ewallet
technology and an online bill-paying service.
iCat enables merchants to accept credit cards online. It will host yourWeb site and aid in site design.
Trintech offers a secure credit-card payment system that enables simultaneous purchases from multiple
stores. This is used in virtual shopping malls.
This is the site of AltaVista’s shopping mall. It uses the Payware eIssuer technology.
Intellicharge specializes in merchant-account management. It settles merchant accounts on the day of
the request.
Onlineorders provides links and factual information regarding online payments and the methods of
implementing payment systems.

Visa offers various e-wallets for use with Visa credit cards. These wallets are backed by a specific fi-
nancial institution that issues the Visa card.
Entrypoint’s product is a personalized desktop toolbar that offers easy access to news, sports, finance,
travel and shopping. It includes an e-wallet feature for use at affiliate Internet stores.
MBNA wallet allows you to make all of your online purchases quickly and easily.
Brodia promises e-wallet services that enable users to store their credit-card numbers and other purchasing
information for shopping online.

Checking Account Payment
This site allows merchants to draw against the balance in their checking account as a valid form of
payment over the Internet.
Netchex allows customers to set up an online debit-card system, where all purchases are deducted
from a single Netchex account. This enables people to shop without using a credit card.

Digital Cash
eCash offers digital cash services for both online purchases and peer-to-peer payment.
Flooz is a form of digital cash that is used as a gift currency. Customers buy Flooz currency with their
credit cards and then establish gift accounts. The recipient can then spend the Flooz account at participating
beenz is an international, points-based currency system. It allows vendors to offer a promotional system
on theirWeb site.
This site allows Internet users to purchase gift certificates online.
Internetcash is a digital currency that is aimed at teenagers. The currency is purchased through prepaid
cards at convenience stores. Affiliated merchants are targeted to a young demographic.
This is a link to a general resource page on digital-cash technology.
This service is designed for individuals under the age of 18. It provides them with an online spending
Similar to RocketCash, this site provides an online spending account, particularly for users under the
age of 18.

Peer-To-Peer Payment
PayPal offers a peer-to-peer payment systemthat enables anyone to receive payment fromanyone else
via e-mail. Payments can be made by credit card or checking account.
This site offers a peer-to-peer credit-card payment systemdesigned by eBay andWells Fargo and used
on the eBay auction site.
Tradesafe is a credit-card peer-to-peer payment system that is aimed at business-to-business transactions.
They provide B2B services and special security for large transactions.
The digital cash system offered throughWestern Union.

Smart Cards
The Smart Card Industry Association Web site provides information on smart-card technology and
This page contains information on the forthcoming smart card being offered byVisa, which will contain
a digital-cash application and e-wallet services.
A monthly e-magazine that contains comprehensive information on smart-card technology, as well as
links to other sites.
Nextcard has developed a credit card specifically designed for theWeb. Online payments can be made
with a built-in digital wallet.
American Express offers the Blue smart card (personal and corporate) and related services through
itsWeb site.

This is a paper on electronic-payment systems with a focus on micropayments.
eCharge partners with AT&T to provide micropayment services billed to the user’s phone bill.
iPin allows charges from micropayment purchases to appear on the customer’s ISP bill.
Trivnet’s technology bills micropayment purchases to the customer’s ISP bill.
Qpass is an e-commerce enabler. It allows companies to sell products and conduct secure transactions
over theWeb. It can provide the infrastructure needed to run your e-business.
Millicent allows customers and e-businesses to conduct transactions using micropayments.

Business-2-Business (B2B)
eCredit helps entrepreneurs and established businesses find credit to support their online operations.
eCredit will also help you manage your money.
Clareon provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions connecting buyers and sellers with a secure payment
eTimeCapital provides a solution for accounts receivable and cash-flow management on theWeb.
Tradecard handles international trade and e-commerce over the Web. Tradecard provides secure online
Swift’s site offers secure, online, international credit-card transactions.

Electronic Bill Presentaion and Payment (EBPP)
Checkfree allows you to receive and pay your bills online.
Paytrust is a an online bill-payment system. Paytrust allows you to access and pay your bills with the
Palm VII organizer.
Derivion provides bill-payment capabilities.
Encirq allows bill payment sites to add targeted advertising to online customer statements.
The U.S. Postal service offers bill-paying services.
Yahoo! offers bill payment and presentment services through itsWeb site. The service includes message
delivery and payment updates. The first three months are free.
This free, online service offered through Citibank enables peer-to-peer payments.

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