Desperate! Need help with copying a forum database for theme testing

I am desperate here. I am working on a website that has a PHPBB3 forum. The person that originally setup the forum has gone MIA. I have done a re-design of the website and need to change the forum theme. The original creator used Sass and I am not comfortable with Sass. What I need to do is make a copy of the live forum database and copy it to a staging forum that is already setup but is broken. I can’t access it as an administrator. Once I gain access, then I can change the theme and style it from there using CSS instead of Sass. The hosting company is There are several dbs but I know which one is the live version as it is the largest. How do I go about doing this? Please respond.

It’s not really clear what you are trying to do—at least to me. What can’t you gain access to?

There is a test forum that was setup for me to play with, so to speak on a website I am working on. The person that set up the live forum and the test forum as gone MIA. I am locked out of the test forum. When I try to have it send an email to me to change my password, I get nothing. What I need to do is delete it from godaddy and copy over the live version as I have admin access that to that one. I don’t want to be re-styling the live forum. I am not sure how to go about doing this. There is a folder called forum in my staging area. Is it easier to just delete that folder and copy over the live folder? Then go in to PHPmyadmin on godaddy, delete the database that was associated with the staging forum and then copy over the live version? That is where I am stuck. How do I copy over the live database to the staging forum without messing up the live forum? I have no idea how to do this.

I wouldn’t do this by replacing the file.

IMHO because there are “support” files (specifying schema, indexes etc.) much better to do export / import

I was finally able to get hold of the original creator of the forums and he is going to look into this for me.

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