Desperate Help Needed For Flatsome Wordpress Theme


I am using this theme to develop a site - The theme developers do not seem to offer much help!

I need to create a few media queries that will enable the mobile menu to show when viewed on larger screen sizes that they have set at the moment I think the mobile menu shows around 799px I need the mobile menu to show on screen sizes higher than this perhaps up to 1024px.

I cannot find the CSS that is needed for this, could someone please help me?

Also I need to create a drop down menu on a custom menu, the theme apparently only has drop downs within the main menu, here is my dev site -

You will see the Artists List Link underneath Artists A-Z needs to be a drop down menu but not sure what to do here.

Really hope someone can help me as I have been getting nowhere for days and days now :frowning:

Many Thanks

you want to add some css for larger screens? if you do, you should read this for retina displays.

for the second part of your question, if you want to do the coding yourself, there is a lot of tutorials in the internet. if you don’t mind using a plugin, you can use this.


Thanks for the response. I am OK with adding CSS Media Queries, I am just unsure what CSS selector of the site I need to use to show the mobile menu for larger screen sizes. I have looked in the CSS and everything I try does not seem to work.

For example this is the code that start the mobile menu when the screen is re-sized:

div class=“mobile-menu show-for-small”>

But not sure if this is right.


what browser do you use ? you can use the “firebug” extension for inspecting what selector you need to use in css.

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