Desparetly need help - SSL

Hi all,

I purchased an SSL certificate for a domain a couple of days ago. It is for a UK domain, purchased from GlobalSign provide the SSL.

I have a dedicated server running Plesk 9. So I am trying to add the SSL within Plesk.

The problem I am having is that the SSL does not seem to be picked up by the domain, when I navigate to the domain in question via https:// I get a security message. Says the SSL is owned by Plesk and has expired, so essentially, it is using by dedicated server SSL.

Now, when I look at the SSL details for domain in Plesk, I see the following:

CSR Part not displayed.

Which I am guessing is why the SSL is not activate.

However, everything I have from, that is:

  1. Certificate
  2. Private Key

and everything I have from GlobalSign

  1. The CA Certificate (Generated here:

These three bits of information is not enough apparently, when I look closely at the SSL in Plesk, I see the following:

  1. CSR - Component is missing

I have followed the guide from my provider:

Which didn’t help. I have also tried calling them, here in the UK it is a bank holiday, so nobody to chat to until Tuesday. I was planning on launching the new site on Monday, so this is my only hope, I hope somebody can help.

p.s. Apologies for the lengthy post.

I’m not extremely familiar with this, but I’ve installed a few SSL certificates with another host before. From what I remember, generating the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) was usually the first step when installing an SSL certificate. Instructions I found from 123 and globalsign below…

After I did this, the first two icons on the left side of the certificate name in the Certificates page in Plesk would become active/highlighted…letting me know that the CSR part and Private Key had been supplied. I then downloaded the Certificate and CA bundle and followed the instructions to complete the installation…similar to the link you provided…or the globalsign instructions below…

Strange but when first learning how to install a certificate, if there was anything that didn’t match up or if I skipped a step in any part of activating the certificate, I’d never get a dropdown for the domain I was installing it for (as described in the instructions)…just the text default certificate…so I’m suprised the missing CSR part didn’t cause any problems for you in Plesk.

Yes, CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generation is first step.

It is actually not possible to purchase certificate without CSR generation.

Please try to generate CSR anew, here is how to do it in Plesk:

> here in the UK it is a bank holiday, so nobody to chat to until Tuesday

Our support will be available during holidays.