Desin during design & runtime

i have 2 images one at design time and another at run time

in design time i get correct
but in runtime i get expanded
how doi correct

Because Dreamweaver’s rendering engine is different from the browsers.
Can you post the CSS that you are using?

Indeed, no code, no help – though if you’re using the preview pane in DW, or even using DW in the first place, you’ve likely already got complete rubbish markup that needs to be pitched and started over. That steaming pile of chazerei from Adobe is a blight upon the Internet and does nothing more than lead nubes down the garden path to failure.

As you add layout to your semantic markup in the CSS, you should be testing in each and every browser you can get your hands on at each stage – things like ‘preview panes’ and WYSIWYG editors cannot be trusted to produce code worth a damn, much less that would work properly anywhere but in the goofy bloated nonsensical editor.

Dimes to dollars you have a invalid form, relative and absolute positioning for nothing, and a host of other issues that illustrate why “design view”, “preview panes” and other such schlock are effectively USELESS… and a hefty part of why about 50%+ of the websites out there right now appear to be broken on my machine. (the other hefty part being the schmuks vomiting up pretty pictures in photoshop and then calling themselves web designers… talk about chutzpah)

But again, without seeing the code, we’re all guessing wildly in the dark and could be so far off the mark a WWI bombardier would go “wow, can’t believe you missed that”

Aint that the truth. :tup: