Designing within Americommerce

The owner of a site that I’ve been managing has decided to move from a Drupal platform to Americommerce. It appears that I am probably going to have to redesign this site from scratch now, because the two methods seem so different, and I did not design the original site.

According to Americommerce, all you have to know is HTML and CSS to manage your site. No needed. I’ve been on their CMS and frankly it seems to be a mess. Not intuitive at all, and not really even compatible with a old fashioned FTP job(which would be my preferable method). On top of that, I’ve been unable to find any kind of indication that anyone else is having these problems. So no guides. No Youtube tutorials. Nothing, but “it’s so easy to design with americommerce’s cms”.

Does anyone have any experience with americommerce, to maybe shed a little light on what I’m trying to do? Is there a way to just develop a site on Dreamweaver and transfer it over? I’m going to call them again tomorrow to see if they can walk me through some stuff. I just thought that I might find more helpful advice from this community if anyone had any experience with it.

Any guidance is much appreciated.