Designing own tabs

Dear All,
I am learning how to create my own tab.I have at this site two images. Now I would like to know how to first have text over this image and make it clickable. Secondly how to make the first button to be on top and rest to be bottom of each other. Then onClick I would like to enable and disable certain div.

Not all of your requirements are altogether clear from your description, but see if these demos help you:

CSS examples - Rollovers

CSS examples - Overlapping Tabs with Hover

Also have a look here as you will need the sliding door approach so that text can grow. You can’t really used fixed sized images as they will break too easily

I’m not sure what I was thinking about when I did that demo as it doesn’t really need all those images. I should have laid the images on top of each other and changed their z-index on hover to reveal them. That would have saved all the separate join images. (Something to change later I suppose).

Dear Raplh & Bob,
Thank you for the link give me some time to test those stuff then I will come back for your suggestions.

I’ve updated my tutorial here which should be more to the point now.