Designing Hotel Website

I wonder if many people are designing hotel websites a the moment? I have a special software (booking software) which I would pay if webmasters placed it on hotel’s website. But to begin this affiliate program, I should know if it is worth the effort. And this depends on the number of people involved in such a job, and whether they would be interested in such a proposal…

I’m programming hotel websites on a daily basis, but I don’t think that you will find many customers with such poor proposals… what is it that your booking software can do? Why is it better than the 1000+ booking softwares out there?

Surely there is a market, but you have to offer something extraordinary if you are new in this segment.

It is best if you’ll offer something new and exciting. In that way, you gain customers. Proposals should be created seriously to entice possible clients.

anyone can tell me how much it’s cast to create that type of software…so i can create for my website