Designing for Print and Web?

I have a client who wants a logo designed and of course they want to be able to use it on everything websites, T-shirts, mugs billboards, letter head,s you name it.
I use Adobe creative suite design premium CS 5.
And my question is what is the best way to go about this? should I first design it for print in CMYK
and then just save it out for the web?
I’m not sure of the best and most efficient way to go about this, if anybody can point me in the right direction or to a website or tutorials that deals with this that would be great

You will probably want to do it in Illustrator (as a vector image) in CMYK for print purposes. The main thing is to get the colors right for print. You may need to make an RGB version for the web, if the on-screen colors look a lot different from the final print colors. (Usually the on-screen colors look quite different from the final CMYK colors you are aiming for in print.)

Thanks, yes I was going to do it in Illustrator and I figured the best way would be to set it up for print first, set bleed, trim, color etc etc… and then save an RGB version for the web.

Yes, I get an ace graphic designer to do logos for me, and that’s precess he uses, I believe. I receive the Illustrator files and modify them for web purposes.

It can also be quite dependent on the kind of look you’re going for, and your skills in the appropriate software. You might not have any experience in Illustrator, but as far as I’m concerned you can create a logo in either software.
However, if you create in Photoshop, be aware that you cannot easily physically re-size the logo, should you want a larger version later on. In Illustrator it’s as easy as clicking and dragging to re-size.
Whichever program you’re designing in, start designing for print first, using CMYK and at least 300dpi. Then convert for web second, using RGB and at least 72dpi.

Personally I like to design in Illustrator the basic design, then carry it over to Photoshop as I feel more comfortable with the layer blending options in there. Hope this makes sense.

Also make sure that you give different logos for different uses. One should be black and with and low resolution for printing on letterhead. You should have one that color and high resolution for flyers and brochures. Make one that’s transparent, one that’ll work for a favicon for their website. The more the merrier.