Designing for Mobile

Hehehe, I hope this is the right forum. I am surprised there isn’t a “Webdesign for Mobile” forum as important as mobile has gotten.:slight_smile: Hint, hint suggestion.:wink:

At any rate. This is just a general question, but if you are working with a web application framework/ platform, would you prefer to have the basis laid out simply for responsive design in the templating system, or would you rather have a supplementary mobile framework available within the platform like jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch, so you can actually create much more compelling mobile versions of your web application/ site? I realize this goes along with how much experience you have, but let’s say you are very experienced, what would you consider the better choice?


Hmm…no reply? Is my question not clear or do you need more information to answer?


scott your question is confusing,

i can infer you are looking for a mobile version of any website.

there are 2 options
you get a completely different set of code for your website.
you pick up a jQuery which change according to screen size.
To compile my answer, at website level only css is modified to be viewed in different screen resolution.

if not done in a proper manner it may make your website slow.


Ok, let me reword it a bit.

In a web site application sofware (i.e. CMS or Forum or Web Shop, etc.), you usually have some form of template system. Would you prefer to have a relatively basic CSS/HTML5 template sytem, that would just render your site design to respond to different screen sizes? Or would you rather have a more full blown HTML5/CSS/Javascript framework attachable to the system, so you can make a more “mobile app” like system for smaller screen sizes?

Why I ask, to do RWD more thinking has to be put into the front-end design. For the more “appy” kind of front-end with an HTML5/CSS/Javascript framework, more thought has to be put into the back-end. I have a feeling, to create such a system the best way both would be wanted. Even an API to connect true mobile applications would be needed too.

So, never mind…:slight_smile: