Designer and Developer Salaries Around The World

Here is a cool interactive infographic I came across that might be of interest to you:
Salaries Around The World Infographic

It shows how designers and developers are paid (in average) around world. Interesting information since it shows how significant the pay differences are.

For instance, some countries are just paid a tenth of what others are receiving. I am also surprised at how Australian designers are paid. Are they receiving this much?

What do you think? Do you have experiences hiring designers and developers? Or, are you one of the guys in this infographic?

Info like that is not worth much, IMHO. Here in Australia there is a huge range in what people get paid, depending on various factors.

Of course. Considering the nature of their work which are totally different, the pay should be different too.

True. Economic factors play a great factor too. Like cost of living, etc.

Yes, and experience counts for a lot. I know some freelance designers here who charge a very high hourly rate, and others who are employed at a firm and get paid slave wages (a tenth of what the freelancers can get per hour). So it’s more complex than just what country you are in.

Great point! Maybe the best measure would be to just look at his/her work. Maybe doing a test before hiring or something like that? You just can’t be sure right now. Some charge really high even though they don’t have that much experience yet.

Read it. I think it’s a very cool Infographic. If only I’m a developer or a tech geek, I’d definitely consider relocating to Australia. :smiley:

Based on the experience ,they will be paid .I think developer will be paid a lot, when compared to designer