Design Resources and Inspiration 2: The Resurrection

Thanks for all the links - they are all useful

If you ever need to get a hex color code for something, this is great:

Webmonkey Color Codes

Still using this after some years and several programming languages later!

wow,this is wonderful for beginners~,thanks.

The CSS links were EXCELLENT, as I am just practicing using CSS to make more complex designs. If this site had reputation system, id rep you.

The following site don’t work anymore

css thesis ->
StyleReaction ->
screenspire ->

As i see, and Morguefile are the best resources for free stock photos. Other are smaller or require atributions, etc… Thanks.

I know it has already been mentioned - but consider it as an endorsement - Zen Garden as always been an inspiration for me. Elegant CSS
The gallery of the most prestigious websites in the world created with CSS.
An international jury of the top designers, agencies, and bloggers will award prizes to the best CSS websites.

Great list of websites mate! More additional sites for me to look on and get inspirations for my masterpiece. :cool:

here is one of my favorite inspirational links.