Design Problem in IE7

This popup window comes nice every where even in IE9… The problem happens when it is viewed from IE7, This is the snap shot.

Page numbers cutting off.

Should I declare new height for this pop-up div FOR IE7 only… I have seen that this site has a different css rules written for IE7. And it is included in the page like this…

<!–[if IE 7]>
<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“./templates/css/ie7.css” />


We’d need to see the page in question to give the correct answer.:slight_smile:

It looks as though you haven’t cleared the floats in IE7 so try zoom:1.0 on the main parent of that section. Or perhaps you have given the main element a fixed height which is a bad move as browsers always differ on how high content will end up due to all the rounding up and down on each and every line. If that is the problem then you could use a min-height instead.