Design of very basic 2 Column and 3 Column Web Pages

I am pretty newbie in web design and to start with the practice I am creating 2 Columns and 3 Columns Design.

My query is:

  1. What should I keep the base size of my design, although it all depends upon the screen resolution but still I would like to know more as other users are pretty experience.
  2. In web design as a minimum what should I keep my photoshop document size width in pixels?
  3. I think as of now height doesn’t matters is it right…

B. What should I keep in the width of the 2 column layout the navigation column and main column.

C. What would be the spacing size in pixels in between the column 1 and column 2 and

D. In the case of 3 column design

  1. what should be the width of photoshop document.
  2. The width in pixels of two small columns and one large column…
  3. What would be the spacing in between each column…

Any suggestions on this part would be highly appreciated…


Check our the 960 grid system. It will help you with nearly all of your questions.

I got what I was looking for and I am thankful to chris for the help…

Many thanks chris…