You almost sound happy about that? Ah… I guess you’ve lots to learn yet :smiley:

It’s funny though, how certain things pop into your head and stick with you, even a forum thread! :slight_smile:

Which seems to be happening more and more nowadays…for better or worse.


Another, new problem, Sitepoint.

Now I’m spending too much time around Sitepoint forums!

I was typing a paper for school yesterday…went to italicize a title and started typing:

[i]The Adv

and stopped, embarrassed.

My life is being taken over!

lol you make me laugh Yoyo! :lol: Oh to be young again with so much to learn… creek

Nothing wrong with spending time on SP, just don’t run out of steam, tomorrow is always another day :spf:

Haha I’ll bear that in mind.

The good thing is, if I hit ctrl+I, SPF actually does what I want. :smiley:

SPF:1 Word:0


I was thinking more my good looks would help shift the books, what geek-loving girl could resist… plus my legendary coding hands! :wink:

Yoyo, at least you are doing your schoolwork, which is good make sure you keep it a priority too.

Sounds like magic!! :smiley: :magic:

Yes of course, nearly forgot those ninja coding instruments! :karate:

So many of us here are obsessive by nature, so I don’t think you need a psychiatrist just yet. :eye:

Yes. Hazel, those hands are the finest in the land. :wink:

You sound perfectly normal to me! :wink:

That’s what I like to tell myself :smiley:

Well, I suppose you aren’t in complete denial Yo-Yo that you are having “obsessive” thoughts so there is some hope.

Like Maleika mentioned you to have to have a certain amount of obsession with web design. Though you do have to keep it in check; so not to tip the balance, i.e. become an fully ‘out of control’ overly obsessive or you’ll grind yourself into the floor far too easily.

Assuming one as being ‘perfectly normal’ is usually not a good sign though - and especially not for around here. :wink:

I just keep this motto in mind:

Several great men have been dismissed as insane before.

Although usually that applies to cliche bad guys…


Hello, I want to agree some posts above. It’s seems like you are trying to find quarrel in a straw. It is good to know about specific characteristic of colors. Sometimes, our tastes don’t match. Everyone has their own opinion. So, they have chosen that combination of colors.

Well, since this post was mentioned in a thread that I just saw today, I’ll chime in.

I definitely have the same thoughts. I loved that XKCD comic when I saw it because it is so true. I’ll make comments about some weird design thing and people just give me weird looks.

Like the other day we were going to lunch. They are doing some construction around us and rebuilding the sidewalk on the four corners of an intersection. I was complaining because they didn’t match. One had a pale brick color inlaid in big chunks into normal concrete. Another had laid dark gray (not concrete color) bricks in a herringbone pattern. Why didn’t they make them match if they were rebuilding them all at once!?

One person laughed and the others just kind of stared at me. =p

Right? I’ll be with a friend and I’ll be like, “My goodness. Why did that yoga store choose a dark red and black? Terrible design principles.” And she’ll be like, “Um…sure?”


Indeeders, haven’t noticed this website, yet.
Great source of inspiration :slight_smile:

Look what I found: