I have a problem, SPF. I have a very, very large problem.

Web Design and Graphic Design are taking over my life. No, really.

Take this, for example:

Today, NBC Chicago changed their font. I’m a devoted viewer of the 7:00 news and it was pretty obvious from the start. But, instead of being horrified about the woman abused, instead of being happy that the Children’s Museum was opening for 29 cents, I was focusing on why they changed their font! They were displaying the weather (an uncharacteristic 53 degrees in February!) and all I could think was “Why would they switch to a sans-serif font for headings?” This is terrible!


I had steak on Friday with my family. It was delicious. Juicy, succulent, and very tender. It would have been even more enjoyable if I had been thinking about it. Instead, I was speculating on why they chose a light tan and red for their color scheme.

Help me!

I could understand the font issues if you are interested in typography. However, once you start having strange thoughts about the colour of your food or not eating unless you are working on a food inspired website than you need to take a rest…

Not the food, really the decoration.

Also, I hope everyone knows that this is for fun…I don’t want anyone to think that this weird new member (me) is out of his mind…


:lol: Being out of your mind is quite normal for around here Yoyo, particularly in General Discussion (GD), so you’re in good company :spf:

I think if you have a new found interest in a certain subject you’re going to be more attentive than you once were before, like in this instance, the colours, fonts etc. It’s not a bad thing, quite good actually, gets you thinking rather than gawping at the tv, menu etc… and that can never be a bad thing :slight_smile:

How comforting :smiley:


Do you guys experience this? Or am I just weird…

Yeah of course, I think it’s actually weird not to notice these things! Logos tend to captivate me, I wonder why they are chosen, do they fit their purpose etc - Obviously, I don’t spend too much time doing that, but a fleeting ponderment does occur :lol:

The next step for you will be dreaming of code, then the tossing and turning will start, cold sweats…you name it…it’s all ahead of you :rofl:

Exciting…I better not get into authoring horror stories :smiley:


To answer the first part … yes, I do get distracted by poor or jarring design features, particularly typography. As so often, XKCD has recently touched on this :slight_smile:

To answer the second part, we may not provide a good benchmark…

Ah…gotta love XKCD.

I was warned about seeing typography everywhere (which, I guess, is sort of obvious) in a book I recently read.


Dr. Hazel, you promised, that you wouldn’t tell anyone publicly of my strange case… of dreaming about markup. (:

Actually, I think ‘code’ it runs through my veins; so the other side-effects don’t happen from dreaming about it; see I have full control and don’t have strange urges. :cool:

I’m afraid that you’re not alone. Of course, it is more obvious when you’re seeing someone else’ site and then it even looks natural to you… but yep, you end up wondering “what in the world they were thining when they design this in this way?”. This being anything: a mug, a T-Shirt, a pc or… food :slight_smile:

Oops! :blush: But at least I didn’t mention the rest… :shifty:

I don’t mind dreaming about code etc but when I cannot sleep because of it, then it becomes a pain! :confused2

You’d need a book for the rest anyway. :lol:

And no doubt it would be a best seller too! :eek2:

Did you start to critique the typography of the book as you read through it? :cool:

Didn’t…at that point I don’t think I was in such a design-oriented state :slight_smile:

I have no problem with this being closed.

Off Topic:

@mizwizzy with me on the cover it probably would shift far more than the other book I co-authored. :lol:

There is no reason to worry about this thread it has been one of the more jolly ones in GD recently. So how long have you been having these problems with seeing design everywhere? :smiley:

Both. :shifty:

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes. I get distracted by bad punctuation, so I sometimes have to read books with my eyes shut. (:

Wow, you and your ego :rolleyes: :smiley:

:nod: Agreed!

@Yoyo - I found myself thinking about this thread today actually whilst I was looking over an article on “clever design techniques” :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! It’s working! I’ve gotten into your head!

Majorly lol’d at that. :slight_smile:

Glad to see that I could help w/ GD. Certainly is interesting for me.