Design changes affect the rankings?

If we change the design of our services website so does this change affect the ranking of our website ? Well we are not going to change the urls of sub pages!

It will affect your site’s page rankings because of the changes in the design. The reason is On Page Optimization is affected by the changes in the internal structure of the site.

I would say it depends.

Content and URLs remaining the same:

  • If you change from a poorly optimized page design (eg. nested tables for layout) to something that presents less problems for search engines then you might see some improvement.
  • the obverse is also true.
  • If you only do minor rearranging (eg. left sidebar to right sidebar) probably no difference.

There are a large number of factors that affect your site’s ranking. If you make any changes at all - even seemingly trivial ones - the chances are your rankings will change.

How much a redesign will affect your ranking will depend on the extent of the redesign. If you simply change the colours and fonts, that’s not likely to have any effect at all. If you change the layout in a way that would emphasise certain content at the expense of others, that would almost certainly have an effect.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure what the effect will be without careful testing. Even then, you can’t really draw any conclusions. It’s possible that your ranking would change anyway, even if you don’t make any changes.

The best advice is not to worry about it. If by redesiging the site, you make it more attractive for visitors, then go ahead and do it.


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If the design alone will be changed, I think there’s no negative effect on its rankings or if there’s some, I think it only affects a little. What you should be concerned about changing the design is the user experience and if it fits your target market.

For me my design philosophy is to make your design more appreciative to your target market. Like I said, you should be concerned about what users will experience upon visiting your newly-designed site.

Yes it will, you can see some fluctuation in ranking. But if you are changing your content too then this will cause your ranking drop for longtime. If the content is relevant then it will be beneficial for your website.

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