Design and Splilt view in Dreamweaver 8 are disabled

My system has DreamWeaver 8 and suddenly design view and split view are not working. Code view is OK. I even restarted the software. The toolbar buttons for those view are also disabled. so i can’t click them. In menu bar as well, these are disabled.

What type of file are you using? (XML,JS,CSS)

it is PHP document

i’ve got the same problem. both Design View and Split View seem to be disabled in Dreamweaver 8. i usually stick to Code View, so i didn’t notice if this is a new problem, or if it’s been like this since i installed it.

it doesn’t seem to matter which format (html, php etc) i’m editing.

i ran the 8.01 updater and that didn’t make a difference.

anyone else come across a solution yet?

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In Dreamweaver 8, go to:

-> Dreamweaver menu
-> Preferences
-> File Types / Editors

at the top of this window is a space to specify which files to “Open In Code View”… i thought this would just initially open these file type in code view, so i added .htm, .html and .php to the list… but for any file type you specify here, the window will open with “Design View” and “Split View” disabled. i removed them from the list and presto! :slight_smile:

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yes it worked me for as well.