Design a Poster!

I need to design a poster for an event. Please help me decide which software i must choose to design this poster?

Adobe CS package is professional solution for this. Used in combination of techniques.

It’s great to start with pen and paper first, sketch what you want on poster, do the preparation what you need for it, what would you want to illustrate it with and so on.

Buy some stock photos and arrange/compose them in Photoshop. For poster up to double page size e.g. A3 (European size) you will need higher resolution since people will look at it from close distance so advised is to have image size of 300dpi, for larger dimensions you can go with 150 dpi. Once you finish your “background” switch to Illustrator where you should make all the vector elements including your text (if text is simple you can leave it to next step)

Then open up InDesign, put image you prepared in Photoshop on background and vector graphics and text over it (simple copy/paste from Illustrator) if text is simple you can add it here (you can skip Illustrator here)

In this framework some people skip some of the steps, e.g. you can make it completely in Photoshop (although text can look bit broken in print), or you can skip Illustrator and go straight to Indesign and add all text there, or you can skip InDesign part and import background image in Illustator and finish your work there, bit resource consuming but it can work. It’s up to you entirely.

Thanks a lot for the detailed demonstration of the process!

I agree, and will add Adobe offers trials so if you don’t have it just go to their website and download the trial to see how you like it.

I haven’t purchased a design software app in years. There are PLENTY of good options for the frugal designer:

For web images, I use GIMP. Takes some getting used to, but pretty intuitive.

For VSG, I use Inkscape. Longer learning curve, but still very robust.

On another note:

Notepad++ for coding.

Filezilla for FTP.

Never spent a dime.