Description below Post Title

I know, SEO plugins have Title Descriptions. But I need to put Title Description in my posts (just below titles). Till date I used italics tag, but feel the following could be better.

In source code for many sites, I see the following tag:

[meta property=“og:description” content=“xxxx xxxx” />]

How to get these? Any ideas?

That’s Open Graph meta data -

There’s a couple of ways to ad that sort of meta data:

  1. Populate meta fields using existing and/or custom fields from your structured content data
  2. Cheat and use a 3rd party addon

Then of course you just need to find a method of calling it into your templates when it’s needed.

That’s the problematic statement. How do I put the data I input in a custom field, below the post title?

Any guidance ? Please help me on this. Very desperate.

What content system are you using? I only generally use ExpressionEngine or Craft - in those I can add as many custom fields as I need and add the various meta tags in whatever temple suits, either directly or as as embed/snippet.

Wordpress. The idea hit me when I landed on this page:

This method serves twin purposes: puts a description to post title and absorbed by google as some description.

There are plenty of blog posts which show you how to do this in Wordpress, here’s a few I found when I searched Google:

Yes. Blogposts exist, but no one tells how to add the description, and where. I have the Wordpress SEO plugin, which adds the tags to the head section. But NONE places the description where I need it.

That’s my difficulty. Can anyone provide the next clues? Thanks

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