Derek Featherstone shows how JetBlue could have made their site accessible

Curing the Jet Blues. (For anyone curious, the reason JetBlue actually got a lawsuit was because they didn’t bother with all the other stuff that could have prevented it, like all the meetings scheduled with them etc)

Derek Featherstone goes over how the JetBlue web site isn’t accessible and what a developer could do to make it so. He points out lack of visible focus, lack of alt text on main menu items(!!!), keyboard traps, and getting out of annoying Javascripted popup widgets (arg).

Anyway, interesting for those making sites as complicated as JetBlue’s.

Off Topic:

He does make a mistake: setting :active will NOT set the focus for IE7, only IE6… IE7 “fixed” the :active “bug” of affecting :focus. The link to the Sitepoint reference only points out that :focus doesn’t work in IE7 or 6. Default outline will work, but to set :focus styles in IE7 you’ll need something like Peterned’s whateverhover3 or something.