Deploy war to tomcat

I use netbeans and xampp with tomcat.
I make a war I copy/paste at webapps and I restart tomcat.
The war did not “unzip” but tomcat manager see the application of this war and it runs via IE, how can I deploy properly this war?

If you can see your web application running, then it has been deployed properly.

Your issue seems to be that Tomcat is not unpacking your War, please ensure that the unpackWAR attribute in your context is set to true.

Otherwise, as hooknc said, if you can access the app, it has deployed properly.

Just copy the war file in your tomcat webapps folder and restart the container. It will deploy your web application under the same name as your war file.

This sounds kind of weird to me. If it works, it must have exploded somewhere and I’d advise that you find that location for debugging purpose. Maybe reinstalling Tomcat might help. Seems to have non-default configuration.