Deploy an assembly

What are the ways to deploy an assembly?

Either within a setup package (compressed), a wrapper installer (downloads files as it requires them) or as a standalone portable file in a compressed archive.

As for how to host it, on a standard website is a good start, submitting it to download portals and software rating websites also works. :slight_smile:

PS: Assembly = Executable file (.exe)

A what? Assembly of what? Congress men?

To me, and I suspect most Brits, “assembly” means that time at the beginning of the school day when everyone goes and sits in the hall while the headteacher drones on about some bible reading and then tells everyone how brilliantly the junior football team have done this week. But I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about…

Weren’t those the occasions when someone let rip loudly, interrupting the headmasters waffling, didn’t own up and caused evacuation of the immediate area?

Are you talking in regards to website deployment and assembly? You need to be more clear.