Demand for chinese premium letter domains

Just wanted to share this picture, that shows demand in time for chinese premium letter’s. The statistic is collected and based on Godaddy BIN listing.
Comments are welcome.

What exactly strikes you as interesting in your screenshot?

It just shows how fast short domains like’s are sold out, because of demand in Chinese market.
Thought it may be interested for everyone buying short domain names.

Well, that indeed could be interesting. What do you think lends to’s to be sold so quickly on the Chinese market? (I don’t follow domains very much, so this is all new to me)

First, chinese premium letter domains are limited, there is only total of 160K of them.
Chinese premium letters are bcdfghjklmnpqrstwxyz, the price is increasing, now its near $900 per name.
At the time of this post I noticed that count of names decreased even more, only 32 LLLL.coms now available. So someone from china bought today.

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Heh, personally I despise people who buy domains for profit rather than need, even though it’s not illegal.

But there are so many TDLs available now that all those purchases sound like a laughable waste of money to me. I don’t get the sense that .com means a lot any more. Lots of prominent sites now use things like .io (which has its own moral issues, but o well!) and even .info. Search engines are so powerful that the extension is not really relevant.

Quess that? Only 12 chinese premium letter LLLLcom domains left on Godaddy below $1K, will post picture tomorrow.

Latest update, take a look, only one chinese premium is left below $1000 price range on Godaddy (BRMJ,com)

Godaddy BIN listing of chinese premium letter’s updated:

Remaining 199 CP list priced under $2000 on Godaddy

$1200 is the minimum BIN now on Godaddy