Deleting files from form

I am using the following plugin to add images to a form, but I am trying to reset the form within the page.
I can clear all images from the display $(“.uploaded-image”).remove(); but the file data stays within the DOM so remains on a second attempt when submitting the form. I want all the formdata removed to reset the form.

uploader.js (8.8 KB)

So…how are you invoking the plugin?


Well I assume there’s a . or a # in there somewhere, cause “input-image-one” isnt an element type.

What happens if you remove the input-image-one container, recreate it, and invoke imageUploader() again?

Yes sorry .class is used.

I haven’t tried that yet, will give that a go.

Yes that does appear to work, the images object on POST still shows an empty filename where the image would have been but I can get around that on server side as it will not store an image if the filename does not exist.