Delete All Values in 1 Field

Hi everyone… been a long time but I’m hung up with a very elementary problem that I need help with.

I have a table ‘jos_comprofiler’ that has a field named ‘avatar’. This field contains the image name of each member’s avatar for a membership site.

I simply want to know the query I’d use to delete all the data in the field ‘avatar’.

This is a Community Builder Component database table for a joomla site. I’m doing a simultaneous migration and updating of the various extensions installed and the a lot of the old avatars are odd shaped and really look bad when resized into mini icons. I want to blow them away and have the members re upolad images with much stricter size limitations.

Thanks for any help

You could do an update query to set all entries in the avatar field to null

Hi, thanks for responding. I’m not sure what to use for the WHERE clause?

UPDATE jos_profiler SET avatar=NULL WHERE avatar !=NULL;


If your setting the avatar field to NULL for all users then you don’t need the WHERE clause.

Of course, I just needed that push in the right direction… thanks bro :slight_smile: