Delete account

Hi! I’d like a Moderator or an Admin to kindly close my account. I no longer need the service or forum. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We dont really delete accounts, just set the password to gibberish and dont use the account anymore!

Oh, ok.

The reason being that if we delete your account, we delete all your posts along with it - and they may be useful to other people in the future that have similar problems or could use your advice.

um, hawk, he doesn’t have any posts

Well, he does after making this thread. Which is kind of ironic really…

lol, thats what I thought :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, but I figured I’d tell him the reason for the blanket rule anyway.


can i delete a specific thread from this forum??


As a member, no, you can’t delete a thread.

What you can do is report it, PM a moderator, (or mention it here) giving your reasons.

Using the report feature will usually get attention the quickest, but you have my attention now if you feel so inclined.