Degrade Image Quality

Via CSS, how would I go about degrading the image quality of an image?

What sorts of things can be done?

For instance. let’s say I have an image that is 455 bytes.

And I wanted to reduce it to 1.00 KB

Is there a way to do that?

Anything visually, but nothing regarding the file itself.


Maybe filter:blur() is what you’re thinking of, to give a blurred image that appears lower quality? But as Erik says, you’re not going to change (or even know) the actual file size of that resulting image.


If you wanted it at 1k you would be doubling the size because there are 1024bytes in 1kb.:slight_smile:

As Erik said you can’t do anything with CSS to change the file size of an image.


This is 455 bytes

This is 455 bytes degraded to 1.00 KB

How is that degraded? True, they’re a very slightly different colour, but that’s not degraded.

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One has a bigger file size than the other.

But what has the file size got to do with it? As it’s all one colour why use an image at all? Why not a div with a background-color?

CSS isn’t used to change the file size of an image, only to change the dimensions of an image.

That’s like saying 6 inches has shrunk to 1 foot !

It makes no sense.:slight_smile:

You would degrade from 1k down to 455 bytes.


I am interested in the process you went through to “degrade” the 455b to the 1.00kb file.


I uploaded an image to the internet.

And the filesize changed.

No its not its 98bytes.

That one is 419bytes,

(Assuming discourse hasn’t fiddled with them.)

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I uploaded a png image and after it uploaded, the format changed to jpeg.

455 bytes png

changed to:

1.00 KB jpeg

higher quality got reduced to lower quality.

That makes no sense either. The file size has apparently increased from 455 bytes to 1024bytes but png and jpg are different formats so the image will differ in appearance.

Show us the direct link to the image you are talking about.

Or is this some sort of free host restriction and they are changing images to jpg on upload?

Usually pngs are a larger file size as they include transparency whereas jpgs do not.


It changes on upload.

Instagram is one that does that, default image.

But I think they all do the same thing.

Then you have answered your own question and I suggest you write to instagram and ask them to stop doing that.


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