Define button in css

I got question about button code that I have.

How can I define icon in css for this code:


$button = ! empty( $edd_options[ 'add_to_cart_text' ] ) ? $edd_options[ 'add_to_cart_text' ] : $button_text;
            $class = 'button popup-trigger';
            printf( '<a href="#buy-now-%s" class="%s">%s</a>', $post->ID, $class, $button );

I want to add image icon in css that will show up and when I click on that image this code should be triggered.

Edit: I managed to do it, you can close this topic :slight_smile: Thanks

Perhaps you can tell us what you did to solve your issue, @zeromajstor. Who knows- there might be others wondering the same thing.

I just defined in css icon that I want to use and then I put that div name under $class=
Simple :slight_smile:

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