Defaulting Down from Casale to Valueclick Not Working Well

I don’t what the issue is, but I set up my ad codes for Valueclick in the Casale defaults successfully.

Well, successfully meaning that all the ads show properly when I try to view the default creative.

Casale reports about 151K impressions defaulted down to ValueClickMedia, though ValueClick only recognizes 1K. That’s right, I’ve had 150K impressions go nowhere.

Has anybody else had this issue?


Yes - I have the same issue. Valueclick support has suggested a number of things but none have worked. Glad to hear I’m not alone. Did you ever sort this out?

Hmmm… I actually use that, but haven’t checked the stats in the longest time. Maybe, it’s time to investigate.

I’ve also noticed the same thing. Hardly any referrals are being tracked in VCM from my top tier network.

To be honest, I’ve never figured this issue out. Think I need to check back to see if still happening.

The good thing is that my higher networks are filling so much that it doesn’t hurt as much.


Still no resolution on this for me. Over half a million impressions vanished and counting. Did you check your stats?

It seems to be defaulting okay now.

I have Burst >> Casale > VC as my bottom three (of eight tiers), however, so I haven’t been paying much attention.

Fortunately, of the 1.5 to 2.2 million ad impressions I’ve been getting daily, only about 60K have been making it to this bottom set each day. :shifty:


are you selling your own ads?
if not what other networks are you using

in my case TF, casale and vcm are my top networks

I don’t sell my own ads,

But under multiple contract, I don’t think I can say what ad groups I have chained without maybe raising a bit of drama for myself.

I can tell you that I also have TribalFusion (in the middle). TribalFusion sees about 900K-1.3 million ad impressions per day. Typically picks up about 25% or so.