Default vs index

Hi all,

Is there a difference in using default as our landing page, or index?

I really thought that the difference, if any, was fractional and not worth debating. However a case has arisen that has tweaked my curiosity.

So my question is, is this a big deal or is it just 2 letters difference?

Thanks in advance

btw - this is based on a windows server

Ideally you don’t want any filename to be required - so that someone going to or will be taken automatically to the right page. If you’ve got that right then it doesn’t matter for SEO whether the page is called index.htm, default.htm or burbleburbleburblesplat.htm

Well, in my experience when using ASP.NET the norm has always been Default.aspx and with languages/frameworks like PHP the landing page has always been index.

In regards to SEO, why would Google even think of penalising or reducing rank based on what you use as a landing page? Ultimately, if thinking about the hierarchy of your information your landing page would always be the root.

Basically Microsoft decided to use default while everything else on the web was already using index.

Since you can override what pages the server will look for if a specific page isn’t specified it doesn’t really matter which of the two you use. At most you have to decide which order to look for them in.